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Q -"What will you play the BMSs on?"

A - The judges will use different simulators. We recommend that you use simulators such as nazoBMplay, Be-Pachi Music, Lunatic Rave 2, and Nanasi Groove.


Q - "What do I need to make a BMS?"

A - In addition to BMSE or other software, you need only an MP3 for a non-keysouned BMS or the separate tracks for a keysounded BMS.


Q - "I have BMSE and my audio. What do I do now?"

A - For an MP3, just determine the tempo, type it in, place the MP3 in the first measure, and adjust appropriately. For the individual tracks, chop the tracks to make one clip equal to one key and place them in BMSE until you recreate your song.


Q - "How do I turn my BMS into an MP3?"

A - If you use Fruity Loops or ACID XPress, we prefer that you render an MP3 using the in-program options. Otherwise, you can use BMS2WAV.


Q - "How do I create music?"

A - There are many ways, but the most common way is through Fruity Loops. Another method is through ACID XPress.


Q - "Can the animation from my entry in the beatmania IIDX RESPECT category be used in VJ ARMY category?"

A - Yes. The animations in beatmania IIDX RESPECT are counted on as an addition, whereas the animations are actually judged in the VJ ARMY category.


Q - "Can my entry in the beatmania IIDX RESPECT category be used in the FREE-FOR-ALL category?"

A - No. Entries that are a remix of a song from beatmania will not be judged if in the FREE-FOR-ALL category.

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