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TE3 Info

We're Back!

We would like to announce the re-initialization of IIDX: TE3 hosted by and X-Raise.

The IIDX: Tournament Edition series is a BMS simfile competition, simply put. We are looking for the next generation of high-quality simfile creators from the bemani fan community. There will be three separate competitions for TE3 and each will have its own winner. The general theme for this competition is based on the beatmania series (5- and 7-key).

Categories are as follows:

beat 1 :: beatmania IIDX RESPECT // This section is complete and judging has commenced. Good luck and thank you for your entries!

beat 2 :: VJ ARMY // Show your artistic skills by creating an animation for your favorite song. Any song can be entered in this competition (as long as it follows the guidelines on the ENTRIES page). You will be judged on your creativity, timing with the song, and animation appropriateness.

beat 3 :: FREE-FOR-ALL // Enter any song (following the guidelines). Entries do not have to be keysounded or have to have any animation. You will be judged on keychart appropriateness, quality, and originality. Small bonuses will be given to entrants willing to make extra charts and an animation.

Judging for beat 1 will begin on Saturday, September 20th and will continue until all entries are judged and a winner is announced. Entry time for beat 2 will be announced shortly thereafter.

Tournament Edition 1
Tournament Edition 2
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